RHA Dermal Fillers

Why chose RHA dermal fillers?

Teosyal RHA products differentiate themselves from other dermal filler products by innovating customized breakthrough formulas for specific treatment sites on the face along with simple supporting administration apparatus for practitioners. The easy method of delivery establishes a comfortable experience for patients and practitioners.

Some of the benefits with Teosyal RHA products include:

Teosyal’s proprietary cross-linked RHA formula
Currently, Teosyal RHA contains the highest concentration of HA: 25 mg per cc
Redensity formulas infused with amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins for delicate areas like underneath the eyes
Exceptional increase of volume
360° full control of injection sites
Increased patient comfort and patient tolerance
Less redness and swelling post treatment
Extended durability and flexibility compared to other dermal filler products, meaning added value for customers because of longer-lasting properties
Longer-lasting results mean less frequent visits for patient follow-ups
Highly customized treatments geared towards the achievement of cosmetic goals.
Teosyal RHA

Dermal filler products like Teosyal RHA injectables degrade slowly over the course of a steady metabolizing period that can last 9-22 months or even longer. Come and see for yourself why Teosyal is our preferred choice of injectable filler for the treatment of custom static and dynamic wrinkle correction procedures for men and women of varying age groups. To schedule your complimentary consultation.


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