RHA Fillers

So many of you have been asking what type of results can the new RHA fillers give?

So after attending the exciting and interesting course in Malaga at the ‘Quiron hospital’  2 days ago where I was one of the models, I am posting my before photos…

I was injected with a vial of RHA 4 into each cheekbone area and 1 vial of RHA 1 was used on my fine (?) fan shaped lines.

There was an instant result and as always by using these new fillers minimum bruising. (Those who know me will testify to how easily I bruise). I didn’t have any anaesthetic cream applied, the lidnocane in the injection was sufficient. 

As I always explain to you, fillers soften over the next few days to weeks. The finer filler RHA 1 will achieve it’s results more quickly that the volumising filler RHA 4.

I will post the first after photos in around 10 days, followed by a completed treatment photo in around a month.

Any questions or information you may have please don’t hesitate to contact me…

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