Facial treatments

Skin analysis and consultation

To assist in salon care and home care of your skin.

27.50 €


Paraffin Wax facial

Helps restore elasticity, moisture and softness to mature skin.

59.00 €

Diana by Goddess 2000

The most technically advanced, Non-Surgical Face-Lifting System in the world. By electronically stimulating facial muscles you will notice results immediately after just 1 session,  but is recommended as a course of 10. 

63.00 €

Diana as a course of 11 

Working on the principles of exercising facial muscles a course of 10 over 4 weeks will produce amazing results.
Don't miss out on the special price of paying for 10 sessions and receiving the follow up session FREE 

630.00 €

Facial Lymphatic drainage

A very light pressured slow and rhythmic body massage, that treats the lymphatic system improving the body’s natural immunity mechanism and eliminating water retention by draining the tissues of excess fluid and waste products. Facial (30mins)

30.00 € 

Facials by L'Institut Guinot Paris

Les Aromatic Vitality facial

Your 30 minute rejuvenating facial treatment. Feel pampered during this four-staged treatment using massage with Guinot super-concentrates blended from essential oils to treat all skin types.

50.00 €

Les Aromatic Discovery facial

A refreshing pick-me-up facial, ideal if you only have 20 minutes to spare. Includes a thorough cleanse, massage, mask, tone and moisturize.

38.00 €

Les Aromatic Radiance facial

Luxuriate during this 40 minute facial which uses the ultimate five stages combining cleanse and tone, peeling cream and essential oils massage and finally a mask created especially for you.

55.00 €


A new concept of thermo lifting which allows the skin to regain its firmness, softens the lines, reshapes the contours and relieves signs of fatigue.

70.00 €

Special Hydradermie facial

The ultimate in facials to achieve immediate and long lasting results. Gentle galvanic and high frequency with massage to help cleanse, tone, firm and refine the complexion but concentrating particularly on firming the eye and neck areas with special serums.

75.00 €

Hydradermie facial

Just over 1 hour of complete relaxation. Gentle galvanic and high frequency with massage will help cleanse, tone, firm and refine the complexion.

62.00 €




Crown facial 

A skin consultation is followed by 1 hour and 15 minutes of pure relaxation using Guinots most popular products. Based entirely on massage it makes a wonderful introduction to our wide range of facial care. Includes a scalp massage.

70.00 €




Beauté Neuve

Beaute Neuve is a medically researched facial based on the use of fruit acids and fruit enzymes. It combines a peeling effect with a regenerative effect. Three facials are needed to complete the treatment.

70.00 €

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