Hand treatments

Make your hands beautiful with luxurious hand treatments.

Full manicure

The manicure improves the appearance and texture of your hand and nails. Treatment includes nail shape, cuticle tidy, hand and wrist massage and varnish.

21.50 €


French Manicure with polish

As full manicure but with French polish.

27.50 €

Spa manicure by Creative

A soothing and relaxing treatment designed not only to improve the appearance of hands and arms it also includes specialized products to enhance and beautify nails.

40.00 €

Paraffin Wax Manicure

Hand conditioning treatment with full manicure to help restore elasticity, moisture and softness to dry and unconditioned hands.

38.00 €

Lemon & Salt treatment

A full manicure, which also assists in the removal of stains on the hands.

37.00 €


Includes filing nails and painting with a base coat, two coats of colour, a high gloss top coat and a quick dry finish.

12.00 €

Nail repair

To save the nail that breaks and spoils the look of your hands.

7.00 €

Removal of artificial nails

Removal of artificial nails. Includes shape and buff.

30.00 €

Foot treatments

Full Pedicure

A soothing and relaxing treatment to ease tired legs and feet. Incorporates nail trim, cuticle tidy, hard skin removal, relaxing foot massage and varnish.

39.00 €

Spa Pedicure by Creative

Exfoliation, massage, intensive nail protection, mask, nail trim and removal of cuticles are just part of the most luxurious pedicure around today using natural products from the sea, herbs and plants. This treatment is one hour thirty minutes of pure pampering.

70.00 €




Paraffin Wax Pedicure

Foot conditioning treatment with a full pedicure to restore moisture and softness to dry and unconditioned feet.

65.00 €





The ancient Eastern art of reflexology, helps the body to heal itself, by working on pressure points of the feet we clear the energy pathways of the entire body enabling everything to run smoothly and efficiently. Great to alleviate numerous ailments or as a preventative treatment. Reflexology is also generally relaxing and may be an effective way to alleviate stress.

50.00 €


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