Muscle Therapy

Swedish massage

This treatment is a therapeutic massage designed of traditional long strokes and kneading techniques. It increases circulation, improves skin and muscle tone and sooths tired muscles.

50.00 €

Back and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes of massage using aromatic oils to prevent or reduce stress induced ailments.

30.00 €

Sport’s Massage

A special deep tissue massage designed to prevent or alleviate muscular aches and pains that result from overexertion or intense exercise. Includes 15 minutes of Ultrasound for increased reparation of damaged and torn muscles. Full Body (1 hour and 30 minutes) / Back and shoulder (30 mins) / Legs (30 mins)

60.00 € / 30.00 € / 30.00 €

Golfer’s Massage

If your shoulders and neck are stiff, or you suffer with an aching back, or have tired legs before making it to the 18th hole this treatment is for you! It may even improve your game! Back and arms (30 mins) / Legs (30 mins)

30.00 € / 30.00 €

Herbal Therapy

To reduce stress induced ailments or simply as a luxury, using aromatic oils this treatment will leave you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. An ideal introduction into the world of muscle therapy. Full body (1 hour) / Back and Shoulder (30 mins)

50.00 € / 30.00 €

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